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May 29, 2012

Angry Birds Chrome uses Web Audio API

Angry Birds

Stumbled across the unexpected news that Angry Birds Chrome shipped in late January with Web Audio API support. The sound for Angry Birds isn't exactly what I would deem complex usage, but certainly it couldn't have been done easily or reliably with the <audio> tag and it's indeed exciting to see a shipping product build using these new tools. Even more interesting is that the user can try playing using different sound engines, as noted in the article here:

The responsibility of choosing the appropriate audio API for the game's sound is (mostly) left up to gwt-voices, which chooses the audio API that will give the best experience. If you'd like to hear how other audio APIs perform, you can ask gwt-voices to try to use the Web Audio API, Flash, HTML5 Audio, or even native audio. Your mileage will vary by browser and platform and which plugins you have installed. Also, gwt-voices will select the best available fallback, if the desired audio API is not going to work at all in your environment.