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June 14, 2012

Basic MIDI synthesizer example using the Web Audio API

Chris Wilson over at Google is working on a web-based MIDI synthesizer that utilizes the Web Audio API. At the moment there is not much in the way of UI, but it can work with MIDI controllers, which is pretty nifty.

Here's what I did to get it set up and functional:

  1. Download and install Google Chrome Canary
  2. Launch Canary and install the Jazz MIDI Plugin (since Web MIDI API is not implemented yet).
  3. Launch AK-7 Core MIDI controller on the iPad.
  4. Launch Audio MIDI Setup on the Mac.
  5. Open "MIDI Studio" window and double-click on "Network".
  6. Add a new session under "My Sessions".
  7. Locate my iPad's name in the "Directory" list, select it, and click "Connect". (Ensure the iPad's name is listed under "Participants".)
  8. Go to Canary and load the web page.
  9. Give Jazz MIDI Plugin permission to run on this website.
  10. Select the name of the session I created in Audio MIDI Setup.

That should be it! Give it a whirl!