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July 12, 2012

HTML5 Audio Editor from plucked.de

Plucked de

If you've been following along, you likely remember the proof-of-concept Web Audio Editor I linked to just over a month ago.  That web app, written as a student project, demonstrated that there are likely some interesting audio tool implementations in Web Audio API's future.  Today we see another such demonstration:  Plucked.de's HTML5 Audio Editor.

While last month's Web Audio Editor had a fairly limited feature set, the HTML5 Audio Editor has several useful features implemented, not the least of which is a "Save" button.  The web app allows the user to drag-and-drop an audio file into the interface and perform various kinds of edits and effects, including cut, copy, paste, fade in, fade out, normalize, silence, and loop.  It's rather impressive, actually, and could easily satisfy basic editing needs for a novice user who wanted to perform a simple edit.

Even better is the fact that the source code is available, too, and draws on some of Audacity's code.

Google Canary is recommended at this time, as the most recent stable release of Chrome tends to stutter during audio playback.

Update:  Badass JavaScript has a more in-depth look at this tool (and a shout-out to us, too!).