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July 5, 2012

StarBound Remi(x)


A very interesting Kickstarter project crossed my path a couple days ago. Titled StarBound, it includes interactive music, an Altered Reality video game, and a comic book. The final result is expected to be a mobile app which will allow for unlimited possibilities in remixing an album made using sonified light curves (the sound of actual stars, obtained from NASA's Kepler Labs).

What I found particularly fascinating were the two demos, which take advantage of the Web Audio API. Both are worth spending some time playing with and offer creative interfaces for interactive music in a browser.

Update: it seems the coder behind the two demos I linked to is the same guy who created Sympyrean. Also, I found a comment he posted on Reddit that explained some hidden features you might want to try out:

If you change the hash for the URL you can check out what different combinations look like geometrically. For instance #48 is a 4 x 8 system

And #3a is a 3 x 10 system

I've set it up for 3 through 5 instruments, and 3 - 10 (10 being a) different stems.