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July 9, 2012

WebMidiLink — a framework to link web synths for control and playback

I was going to write up a story about the really awesome WebBeeper 2A03 synth from the prolific folks at g200kg.com, but when I delved further into why it existed at all, I discovered WebMidiLink.  What is WebMidiLink, you ask?  Well, it's a technology that allows synchronization of multiple web synths across different websites to be played from a single interface.  I could explain further, but I think you really should play with it instead.

Some things to notice in the interface:

  • You get 3 virtual instruments to run from the keyboard on the demo page.
  • The checked instrument is the one that will play when you click on the keys.
  • Below the keyboard, you can load up a web synth that supports WebMidiLink by simply selecting the synth for a particular instrument and clicking "Load".  You can put your own into the URL field and load it.
  • If you wish to program the three synths to change MIDI channels, adjust the output volume, play music automatically, and more, put the properly coded instructions in that instrument's MML field.  Then click "MML Play" beneath the keyboard to hear the result.

You might want to read some further discussion by several of the folks implementing this new technology.