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September 25, 2012

Web Audio API on 25% of iOS devices; 22.1% of Android devices can play audio in the built-in browser at all

According to yesterday's TechCrunch article, Apple announced that 100 million iOS devices are now running iOS 6. This means around 25% of iOS devices can also take advantage of the new Web Audio API capability, which far surpasses the previous HTML5 <audio> features in previous versions of iOS and brings true interactive audio functionality to developers.

Meanwhile, the most recent stats from Google (as of September 4) indicate that 22.1% of Android users are using either Ice Cream Sandwich (20.9%) or Jelly Bean (1.2%). As noted previously, versions preceding Ice Cream Sandwich have great difficulty playing audio in the browser.

Update: I need to make it clear that there is absolutely NO Web Audio API support in Android at this time. I was intending to demonstrate the contrast of iOS's future-looking audio capability and Android's inability to even do things from the past.