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May 22, 2012

New Google Doodle uses Web Audio API

Moog doodle

Today, Google posted a Moog synthesizer doodle that can be played by the user in the browser. The doodle utilizes webkitAudioContext(), part of the still-under-consideration Web Audio API, and therefore only works inside Google's Chrome browser.

The doodle also includes a 4-track recorder, which demonstrates pretty effectively what will be possible when audio functionality in HTML5 becomes truly usable.

Update: It appears that the Google Australia version works in Firefox, too.

Update 2: You can find the JavaScript code here. Paste the code into jsbeautifier.org to make it a bit more readable.

Update 3: I've received several emails today informing me that the doodle works fine in all browsers. When I have a chance, I'll delve into how the code does this, since only Chrome truly supports Web Audio API at this time.

Update 4: I have replaced the link with the archival version.