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July 25, 2012

Safari 6 arrives, bringing Web Audio API to Apple's browser


Today, Apple released the latest major update to the Safari web browser. This new version of Safari, which works on the latest version of Lion and the just-released Mountain Lion, includes support for the Web Audio API, bringing audio support that was previously only available in Google Chrome to a significant number of Mac users. You can obtain Safari 6 through the Software Update tool in Lion or by upgrading to Mountain Lion.

I briefly tested some of my favorite recent implementations of the Web Audio API in this new version (under Lion) and found support to be rather hit and miss. Some examples worked, others reported that I needed Google Chrome for Web Audio API functionality. The biggest issue, unfortunately, is still codecs. Several examples I tried utilized Ogg Vorbis audio files, which Safari still does not support. Hopefully aurora.js can remedy this — since browser makers seem unwilling to solve the universal codec support problem — but we'll need to see more use of it.

Update:  Is Safari for Windows EOL'd? I don't see any mention of it, nor a download link.